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  • Top 6 tips in your Covid recovery

    July 01, 2022 4 min read

    Top 6 tips in your Covid recovery - Manuka Honey Direct

    In the last couple of weeks our Head of Marketing unfortunately caught Covid. Being one of the last members of staff (it’s about time Nicole), we thought we’d “encourage” her to write us an article on her experience as she’s always telling us how much natural products can help you!

    So, below is an article written by her containing some tips on remedies that helped her in recovery. This article is not written to provide any medical advice, it is only about her journey and recovery. 

    Everyone experiences Covid in a different way, and we urge you to seek professional medical attention when needed.

    What happened when our Head of Marketing caught Covid!

    So, my experience of catching Covid was different to most of my friends’ experience.  I like to be different ?and didn’t go out socialising as normal, I was responsible in wearing masks in public and hand sanitising regularly to keep my exposure risk low, but it still happened.  A family member was recently discharged from hospital after several weeks’ admittance and two days after release, she tested positive for Covid.  Being the fit & robust character I thought I was, we just took precautions at home with infection control and took my multivitamin and thought I’d be fine.  Well, it didn’t work out after that – 3 days after exposure, the headache hit me like a brick and I started on my downward spiral.

    I felt pretty rough for the first 5 days and then being the caring sharing person I am, I shared Covid with the rest of the family.  Thankfully we weren’t all really poorly at the same time, so there was always someone to facilitate food and medication, which was great, but it did hit all of us in various degrees.  Ironically, the oldest amongst us, had no more than a bad cold and extreme tiredness whereas the youngest amongst us had more severe flu-like symptoms, severe headaches, light sensitivity and extreme tiredness.

    We’re all now recovered, but I’d like to share some tips on what helped me with my recovery.

    So, what did I learn?  Here’s my top 6 Covid Tips:

    1. Rest as much as you can - Your body knows best.  Rest is the key, so sleep as much as you can.  I seemed to sleep for most of the first 3 days and I’m a huge believer that your body needs time to fight infections, so rest & sleep is the best medicine.
    2. Take painkillers - Don’t try and brave it out; painkillers like paracetamol are great at dealing with the fever, pain and flu like symptoms so use them to control your symptoms.  Whilst I was a little sceptical that they weren’t helping at one point, you’ll be surprised how much worse you feel when you don’t take a dose!
    3. Drink water – drink as much fluid as you can.  Your body is under attack, and your immune system kills the bacteria but, that bacteria needs to leave your body; the most efficient way of course is through your digestion system.  Remember that your kidneys help to cleanse your blood and they need a good supply of water to flush any toxins out of your body, so get drinking!  Useful tip – I got bored of normal water, so I just added the juice of a fresh lemon to my drink – I couldn’t taste a huge amount different, but after 24 hours, I did feel better.
    4. Eat little and often (if you feel like it)– my appetite was suppressed so my waistline was very happy, but, at certain times, I really needed food, so I opted for comfort and easy to digest food – for me, my husband’s homemade soup and fish finger sandwiches did the trick!
    5. Ventilate your room – with fever and hot & cold chills, I was constantly struggling to get my temperature under control, but having the window open all the time was a good call. Make sure you ventilate the room you’re living in as it will help to keep the airflow fresh and remove the extra infection particles in the air.   
    6. Use over the counter medicines, vitamins and manuka honey for an additional boost–my type of Covid was more a head cold and a blocked nose so struggled to breathe.  I used Vicks vapour-rub on a tissue to help open up the nasal tubes to help clear the mucus, took 1000mg of Vitamin C a day, had 2 teaspoonfuls of manuka honey & a few manuka drops each day and it really helped to speed up my recovery.

    The only other thing that really helped was “crappy” TV – you know, those American soap operas that don’t have a lot of plot but are funny, ironic or totally unrealistic.  I found it amazing that a distraction of some TV can help to occupy your mind when you’re bored of resting and sleeping!

    Thankfully, I’m now fully recovered and back into work full time, and whilst towards the end of the day I’m still struggling with my tiredness, every day I get closer to getting back towards BC health! (Before Covid)

    I hope that these tips could be useful although to be honest I hope that you never need to use them, but if some of the things I found helpful, could benefit someone else, I’m a happy girl.

    Wishing you all, good health.

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