Manuka Honey
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    Actilite Manuka Honey Dressings 10cm x 10cm Box of 10 Dressings

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    Healing, Redefined: Embrace the fusion of nature's remedy and science's precision. Actilite Manuka Honey Dressings have become the preferred choice in homes and clinics across the UK, offering rapid healing for wounds of various magnitudes.

    Why Choose Actilite? Infused with 99% Manuka honey and 1% Manuka oil, Actilite is suitable for diverse healing needs. From minor playground incidents to post-operative care, it's a trusted ally. Listen to Sophie, a caring daughter: "I use these honey dressings for treating small ulcers on my mum's swollen legs. You can also use them by cutting them up with clean scissors, so economical." And from Rachel: "Amazing! This works really well. Doctors do prescribe this as well, but I could not wait to get on top of this. I don’t usually write reviews but felt I had to for this product."

    Applying Actilite:

    1. Size it Right: Depending on the wound, use the whole dressing or cut to the desired size with clean scissors.
    2. Place Tenderly: Attach the dressing to the wound area. For optimal results, layer with a simple non-sticky secondary dressing to keep it in place.
    3. Change as Needed: While some users, like Rachel, change dressings twice daily, gauge based on wound fluid absorption and comfort.

    Storage & Use Tips:

    • Temperature: Best stored at room temperature. If rigid, warm between palms. If too liquid, a brief stint in the fridge helps.
    • Allergies: Before first-time use, ensure you're not allergic to any component.
    • Special Note: Some users noted redness under the pad. If this occurs, consider reducing the dressing's size to cover only the wound area. An anonymous customer advises, "Don't put a sticky bandage on any red skin as it can tear damaged skin when you try to take it off."

    Manuka Magic in Every Dressing:

    • Antibacterial: Offering more than protection—it rejuvenates.
    • Anti-inflammatory: Nature’s solution to inflammation.
    • Osmotic Action: Drawing out harmful tissue, aiding faster healing.
    • Moisture Mastery: Ensuring the perfect moisture balance.

    From ulcers to burns, Actilite's effectiveness spans diverse wounds. Another anonymous customer recalls, "I knew a man with 1st degree burns on his forearm. The doctors considered skin grafts. He decided to try these Manuka Dressings. His skin fully recovered after 6 weeks."

    Actilite's international acclaim arises from its consistent results in varying climates. Experience the therapeutic potency of Manuka today. Choose Actilite, where healing meets care.