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  • BEE VENOM - NOT as Vicious as It Sounds

    March 07, 2022 2 min read

    BEE VENOM - NOT as Vicious as It Sounds - Manuka Honey Direct

    Bee Venom is derived from the bee stings, which they insert into their enemies when they feel threatened or intimidated. It is transparent and acidic, which mainly contains anti-inflammatory properties as well as amino acids and enzymes.

    So, how can Bee Venom help your health?

    • Reduce Inflammation

    Bee venom is known for its anti-inflammation compounds, the main one, melittin is a powerful compound that can cause anaphylaxis reactions for those who are allergic, but it has been used traditionally particularly in China & the Far East, to reduce inflammation particularly in Joints.

    • Help with the symptoms of Arthritis

    Chen, Zhou and Qin (2018) during their studies on the relationships between bee venom and arthritis, have found that Bee Venom can have a positive effect on Rheumatoid arthritis. Research conducted on 120 Rheumatoid Arthritis patients found that Bee Venom acupuncture, which used 5–15 bee stings every other day, had similar relief effects to traditional RA medications such as Methotrexate and Celecoxib.


    • Benefit your skincare

    Bee Venom has a way to promote skin health, by preventing wrinkles and helping deal with acne with its antibacterial properties. Hans et al (2015) state that the 22 women who participated in the study found out that their counts of wrinkles and their wrinkle depth have significantly been reduced after using  bee venom twice a day.

    There is also evidence supporting that bee venom is more effective than placebo after a report shows that 77% of the participants have experienced an improvement with their acne. (Han et al, 2016)


    • Boost your immune system

    Venom immunotherapy, in which a healthcare expert injects bee venom in small doses, is also used to treat those who have severe sensitivities to bee stings.  This type of therapy is only performed in a hospital setting with medical professionals who specialise in this new area of immunotherapy.  It is not widely available to the general population and we strongly advise against trying this therapy yourself.  In all instances of Bee Venom sensitivity or reaction, of any level, please seek immediate medical help.

    Things to bear in mind

    Bee Venom has been demonstrated to have anti-inflammatory qualities, may aid skin health, and may be used to treat symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pain, among other ailments.

    However, using bee-venom products or receiving bee-venom therapy might have dangerous negative effects, so proceed with caution and get counsel from a skilled medical practitioner before doing it.


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