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  • Power Health Chilli Muscle Rub (Hot Balm) - 30g tub

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    Chilli Muscle Rub: Harness the Power of Natural Heat for Instant Relief

    Discover the soothing benefits of our Chilli Muscle Rub, expertly formulated to relieve aching and stiff muscles. Ideal for active individuals and those seeking relief from back and neck discomfort, this invigorating balm utilizes capsaicin from chili peppers to deliver a deep, penetrating heat that reduces pain and inflammation.

    Key Benefits:

    • Quick Pain Relief: Provides fast relief from muscle stiffness and soreness.
    • Natural Heating Effect: The warming sensation from capsaicin helps relax muscles and alleviate pain.
    • Natural Ingredients: Formulated with Petrolatum (Petroleum Jelly), Glycine Soja (Soy Oil), Capsicum Frutescens (Capsicum Extract), and Symphytum Officinale (Comfrey Root Oil Extract).

    Effective Usage Instructions:

    1. Start Small: Apply a small amount initially to gauge your skin’s sensitivity to the heat.
    2. Gradual Increase: If the initial warmth is not enough, gradually increase the amount applied until you achieve the desired heat level.
    3. Be Patient: Allow up to 30 minutes for the balm to fully activate and deliver its warming effects.
    4. Boost with Warmth: For a stronger heating effect, use a warm compress or warm water after applying the balm.
    5. Cool Down Option: If the heat becomes too intense, use cool water to quickly reduce the sensation.

    Caution: The heat can become very intense. Please apply cautiously and increase the amount gradually to avoid discomfort.

    Allergen Notice: Contains soy. If you have allergies, please review the ingredients list carefully.

    Experience the natural, comforting relief of Chilli Muscle Rub. Follow the usage instructions closely to maximize effectiveness and ensure a positive, soothing experience.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Ruth Lampier
    No heat

    Really disappointed. Brought this to help with neuropathy as recommended to help with symptoms but sadly didn’t

    Thank you for your feedback and for trying our Chilli Muscle Rub to address your neuropathy symptoms. We are very sorry to hear that you did not experience the expected heat and relief. This balm relies on natural capsaicin to generate a warming sensation, which can vary in intensity due to individual skin sensitivities and the nature of the application.

    Here are a few tips that might enhance the effectiveness:

    Ensure thorough application: Make sure the balm is massaged thoroughly into the area.
    Increase the amount slightly: If the initial application is too mild, try using a bit more product.
    Use a warm compress: After applying the balm, place a warm compress over the area to help enhance the capsaicin’s heat effect.
    If these steps do not improve your experience, or if the product still doesn’t meet your needs, you might consider our other options designed for neuropathy relief. We also offer a range of products that could be better suited to your symptoms, and we’re happy to guide you to a more appropriate solution.

    Your satisfaction is important to us, and we appreciate your honest review. Please reach out to our customer care team if you’d like to discuss this further or need assistance in finding a more suitable product.

    Charlotte from the Natural Health Team


    No smell to it and it does work on my arthritis on my hand waste off money it does even go hot

    Thank you for your feedback on our Chilli Balm. We're sorry it didn't meet your expectations. This product uses natural chili extracts, whose intensity can vary based on skin sensitivity and ingredient variations. For optimal results: Start with a small amount to test your sensitivity. If initial warmth is mild, gradually increase the amount. Allow up to 30 minutes for the full effect. Enhance the heat with warm water or a warm compress if needed. If it becomes too intense, cool water can quickly soothe the skin.

    Considering your arthritis, our Moveit Joint Care Supplement could be a better fit. It contains 11 active ingredients aimed at supporting joint health and reducing discomfort.

    Your feedback is invaluable in improving our products. For further assistance or more detailed information on our range, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We're committed to your satisfaction and are here to help.

    Hot Muscle Rub

    Good buy

    Hot Muscle Rub

    Good buy

    Mark R
    Chilli Cream: A Must-Have for Pain Relief

    Natural Health World are excellent sellers, I have been buying their Chilli cream for a number of years now. I am forever grateful, long live Chilli Cream!