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  • What are the BEST WAYS to make use of your Manuka Honey?

    February 17, 2023 3 min read

    What are the BEST WAYS to make use of your Manuka Honey? - Manuka Honey Direct

    Manuka honey is unique to New Zealand and boasts great antiviral and antibacterial properties. Are you struggling to find the best way to use your Manuka Honey? Here's how!







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    There are many ways to consume your manuka money that could benefit your system and here are a few guidelines from us to help you make the most of your manuka honey intake!






    How to take Manuka Honey

    • Have it on a spoon

    It is recommended to have 2 – 3 teaspoons daily for optimum health but you can take 6 or more teaspoons a day if required. The most potent way to take manuka honey, is just by eating it directly off a spoon.   This method is particularly good for those with stomach and digestion discomfort as most of the Manuka gets straight to the source of the problem – your stomach. 

    • Apply to Skin Directly

    Manuka honey is also known to be a beauty product. With its antibacterial properties, it can be applied directly to your face as a face mask, which allows your skin to become smoother and helps to remove blemishes & spots.  Manuka Honey is also known to help heal wounds, ulcers and sores on the skin, with the UK NHS District Nurse team using sterilized Manuka Honey as their method of choice to treat persistent wounds

    • Add it to your food

    Manuka Honey can be a replacement for sugar and is a particularly delicious accompaniment to your muesli, porridge or superfood smoothie as part of your breakfast routine. You can add Manuka as a dressing to your salad or as a marinade to your protein.  You can also use Manuka Honey in baking….but just remember by cooking the Manuka, you’re losing most of its natural goodness although you’ll still have it’s delicious taste. 

    • Get yourself a cup of tea!

    Simply put a teaspoon of manuka honey into a cup of tea. Easy and comfy!

    But remember, Do not put the Manuka Honey straight into the boiling water as it kills off the nutrients and enzymes of the money that you are paying so much for.  Add the water and an allow it to cool for a minute, then add your Manuka.


    Getting Manuka Honey into your daily routine as part of an over health “kick” using these methods, is a great way to boost your immune system, help your complexion, and your digestion system, so what’s not to like?


    Take between 2 – 6 teaspoonfuls a day – just to the level you need for your overall wellbeing.

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